What does a plumber do?

A plumber is a skilled tecnician or engineer who specializes in fixing, installing and maintenance of the system used for potable water, drainage, sewage in plumber system.

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Years of training or experience are required to become a skilled plumber. Some authorities require that plumbers be licensed.  Some require skills, values and interests. Protecting health and welfare of the people is the top priority and responsibility of a plumber along with, repairing, maintaining and installing domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing fixtures.

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A plumbers protocol

On a construction site, there are several dangers. Without an active safety measure, a ditch can collapse on a plumber or a plumber can fall on a hole.

When a home has a blockage in their sewage system, a plumber often tries to repair it by adding an acid or a base such as Drano in an attempt to dissolve the problem. These chemicals can get into the eyes of the plumber when the sewage water splash during the repair.

Plumbers risk been infected when dealing with human waste from fixing the sewage system. Human waste can cause certain infectious diseases such as schistosomiasis, typhoid, hepatitis, cholera, polio, etc. a plumber must take precaution over these dangers.
Importance of plumbing

Plumbing is used to guarantee safe delivery of water. Clean water usage is made possible and available through the pipe. Plumbing is essential in our daily lives because without this done adequately by a skilled plumber, we might not be chanced to cook, bathe, brush our teeth, wash our clothes and perform anything that needs the use of water. Plumbers have a way of securing the house's plumbing system in such a way that no water is wasted. Plumbing holds such importance that March 11th is observed as world plumbing day globally.

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